Following is a reproduction and translation of the page found at JC`zic, the creator of Sockets de Troie, is the apparent author.
The "information and protections" links lead to French-language materials which include a text detailing the system effects of the various ST versions, images of the GUI clients, a Registry file, and a program which appears intended to disable the version 2.5 virus.
By way of explanation, I added a link to Joystick Magazine; although the Joystick site doesn't appear to carry the article to which the author refers.
I invite corrections of my machine-assisted translation. I've placed some questionable words in [square brackets].
-- pchelp

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Hello to all,

I would like to say some

words concerning "Sockets de Troie."

Yes I did it, surely to amuse and

to learn Internet programming,

But I never imagined

the consequences that would

cause and

what the majority among

you do with it disappoints me greatly.

What is done is done, but I would just like

you to cease to use it and to [take you to task]

for calling yourselves 'hackers' whereas you only make

[trouble] and do not understand anything in the world of the Net : (

Also, refrain from asking me questions on this

subject if you would, by mail or ICQ.

In short, I do not intend anymore

to speak of it everywhere I go,

don't forget that the

[latest] version

last summer was finished

in June, it is

already old


I have a life to start just as

you have other things to do so as to

destroy all that moves to amuse yourselves.

As you already know, I provided the anti-virus to

disinfect the virus v2.5, and I also provided a patch

for the registry which protects against all the versions of

sockets23, the keys for version 1.0, for version 1.1

and for all versions 2 (thus 2.x)...

Also, for those who would like more

information, technical cards

are available. The article in

Joystick No. 98 [has] this information and

my [indicators of] 2.5 for self-protection.

[Note], the anti-virus does not include the virus but needs

the network layer installed to send data

to the virus itself. (But you can remove it by hand thanks to

this data, then scan your disk to clean the files).

Click on the link below to access the page of information and protections:


< Information and Protections "Sockets de Troie" >

Mirror on (same page elsewhere):

Information and Protections "Sockets de Troie"


To err is human and I am sorry.

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