Lockdown2000: A History

Please visit these pages for historical information on Lockdown 2000 and its principals:

Lockdown 2000 Operators Identified (http://www.nwi.net/~pchelp/bo/htinvest.htm) is a rather extensive trail of information on the subject. A few minor details are missing or inaccurate, such as Michael Paris' location, which I now know to be New Hampshire, not his former haunts in the Chicago area.

More on Michael Paris (http://www.nwi.net/~pchelp/lockdown/Davis/Paris.htm) provides still more of Mr. Paris' colorful history. This page contains information I have found since writing the earlier piece, and was written in the context of a warning to ICQ users about Paris' pseudonymous lurking on that messaging service as "Scott Davis."

Both pages provide handy Javascript popups to allow easy viewing of the online evidence.

Here's a recent review of Lockdown by John Vransevich.