How to Make Sure You're Not Sharing Resources Over Your Dial-Up Link

Tuesday, 8 December 1998

First, open your Network dialog. Do this by one of two methods:

Now select the Configuration tab in the Network dialog box.

Find the TCP/IP protocol (there may be more than one) associated with your Dial-Up Adapter(s) in the list of network components. Select that item in the list and click on the Properties button.

The TCP/IP Properties dialog will open. Select the Bindings tab. It will look like this:

If File and Printer Sharing is enabled at all on your machine, you will see it listed under Bindings. If it exists, it should be UNCHECKED as in the image above. This means files and printers will NOT be shared over the dial-up link. If it is checked, UNCHECK IT by clicking your mouse on the box.

Click OK.

If there's a second TCP/IP listing for a Dial-Up Adapter, do the same thing again with that one. Simply make sure sharing is disabled.

Click OK on the Network dialog.

Windows will now adopt the new settings if any, and it may ask you to insert your Windows 95 CD. Just follow the instructions. You should then reboot so the new settings take effect.

You're done. You're not sharing drives, folders, files, printers or anything else via the Dial-Up Adapter.