Copyright Policy

Rights Reserved

All materials on this site are the copyrighted property of PCHelp. Except where otherwise noted, PCHelp <>, an individual, has authored every sentence and created every image that is to be found on the domain and on the personal website at

By "materials" I mean text, images, and the manner and quality of presentation of the written works on this website.

While I reserve all rights to control publication of my work, I yet do not wish to make copyright concerns a barrier for those who may wish to publish my material in a manner which reflects and advances the spirit in which it was written.

Quoting of Copyrighted Works

Provided there is some discernible benefit to be had from such publication, I can be expected to grant permission to almost anyone who asks to reproduce portions of the public-access material I place on this site. I especially encourage translations of my works into languages other than English.

This does not in any way imply that permission is granted to anyone in advance of a request.

What it does mean is that I readily extend trust to those who do me the courtesy of a request to use specific material. It means that I recognize that what I write and publish here for open access is valuable to the degree that it is transmitted freely to others for their benefit, and it is an expression of my desire to maximize that benefit.

As a condition of all reproduction of my work, I always require three things:

  1. All reproductions must be fully accurate and must include context where necessary to convey the intended meaning;
  2. Credit for the work must be attributed to "'pchelp' <>";
  3. The URL of the original page(s) on this site must be prominently presented with the quoted material.

I also require that my material is not sold by another and is not reproduced in a manner intended to gain profit for any individual or entity.


If I should ever determine that my works are being used in a manner that violates the conditions I have outlined above, be advised that I reserve the right to demand their removal from any publication at any time, and to enforce that demand by legal means.

Where they have been granted, my permissions do not apply to any other person or entity, nor to any other material than that which was explicitly requested, nor to any other method of publication than that which was specified in the request.

Please do not expect me to grant permission to reproduce or "mirror" this entire site.

Any and all material on this site which requires a password to access is definitely not intended for reproduction by others. Expect me to seek legal remedies if I discover unauthorized publication of password-restricted works from this site.

None of this statement is intended to negate "fair use" conventions whereby relevant portions of copyrighted material may be quoted to the degree necessary for purposes of journalism, criticism or discussion.

It is notable that only once to my knowledge has anyone engaged in wholesale reproduction of my work without attribution or permission. All others have courteously requested my permission for purposes I found agreeable, and so, thus far, I have granted it every time. I am gratified by the courtesy and respect of my fellow Netizens.